The Irony Of Life


Back in primary school, I wanted to be a lawyer, I had friends who wanted to be Doctors, Pilots and what have you. We all had desires to be something really big in our estimation as kids.

Then in JHS, we started realizing our strength, one by one we chose paths entering into secondary.

Aspiring doctors ended up as visual art students, some pilots opted to do business and some didn’t even make it to secondary school.

At secondary, most of the General Arts students thought they’d be journalists, lawyers and what have you, the Business students could see themselves replacing Despite, Sikkens and co and then the science students, even the worst of whom felt academically superior to all other courses students saw themselves becoming Doctors, Scientist and what not.

Then we completed SHS and here we all. We all started looking at the best way to find food than the most glamorous ways.

Some had the support and so kept going, others had none of that and so had to figure their way around life.

5, 8, 10 years later you see an old school mate hustling and the only thing you could do was to pick up the phone, call other colleagues and tell them how miserable that fine girl back in school is today. You have a car, life has been good and so mates not in your class are the subjects of your long gossip.

Life can be funny oo my friend, the way you will start does not determine how you’d end. Enjoy your good times, pray for your friends.

Be proud that despite all the challenges, they haven’t given up, encourage them to keep working.

Some rich men died poor, some poor men did get rich, life can be funny.

In view of this, be ma

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