NCCE Akatsi South Promotes The Spirit Of Communalism With Clean Up


The National Commission for Civic Education on Valentine’s Day Friday 14th February embarked on a “Val’s Day Clean-Up Campaign and Health Screening Exercise”.

The exercise was held in collaboration with the Shell Tobacco Electoral Area and other relevant agencies such as Zoomlion Ghana, District Environmental Health Office (DEHO), Kaleawo 107.3FM and all Drivers Union in Akatsi.

The Clean-Up Exercise which took place at the Akatsi Township specifically the Accra Station area, witness the presence of the District Chief Executive in the person of Hon. Leo-nelson Adzidogah who lauded the monthly Clean-Up Campaign initiated by the assembly member of the Shell Tobacco Electoral Area, Hon. Wonder Gatepe and urge other electoral areas to emulate, He added that “Health is Wealth”.

The Akatsi South District Director of NCCE, Rev Vincent Adzika in his statement said as we celebrate love let as remember that the oneness we have shown through this Communal Labour and Health screening is what we need in building a strong and progressive community.

Until we promote the spirit of communalism that currently look dead in most Ghana society and stop the over-reliance on the District Assemblies and the Central Government for everything including sanitation, our communities will not see any meaningful development.

Hon. Wonder Gatepe, Assemblymember for the Shell Tobacco Electoral Area in his remark said Valentine Day is a day to show love and the best way to show love is to keep our environment clean and prevent our loved ones from becoming ill from preventable diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea and Malaria which are all as a result of poor sanitation and added that regular checking of one’s health is vital in preventing chronic diseases. Rich-lily Herbal Centre coordinated the free health screening.

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