Coronavirus: Egypt confirms case, the first in Africa


The first case of the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) in Africa has been recorded in Egpyt.

This is according to officials of the World Health Organization.

Egpyt’s health ministry failed to give details such as the nationality of the patient but said the affected person, was a ‘foreigner’ and has been hospitalised in isolation.

The virus was found in the patient on Friday with officials saying he did not show any symptom of the virus.

The patient is however said to be stable.

A statement from the World Health Organization, Egpyt said;

Today @WHO confirmed the appearance of the first cases of the new corona virus in Egypt after the confirmation of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population. The case was transferred as a foreign person to the hospital for isolation, follow-up and health check, as the case carries the virus and does not show any symptoms, and his condition is completely stable. #COVID19

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Source Author: Jonas Nyabor